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Who We Are?

About School

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, has been active in the field of education throughout the world since its origin. In India, the Society of Jesus is at present responsible for over 248 High Schools, 38 University Colleges, 24 Technical Institutes and 11 other institutes with over 11000 lay teachers. They educate about 4, 00,000 young people belonging to every social class, community and linguistic group through the medium of English .

And other regional languages. These institutions are part of the Catholic Church’s effort to share in the country’s educational undertaking. This effort, while being particularly directed towards the Christian community, has always been at the service of the whole nation.    

JESUIT EDUCATION is inspired by a vision of a man, drawn from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ who has always been respected and admired by the people of India. It is also based on the principles of character formation elaborated by St. Ignatius of Loyola. This vision and these principles give the Jesuit institutions a specific character and set before their staff and students high ideals of humanism and service towards which they are invited continually to strive.

The Jesuit School thus aims at making its own contribution towards a transformation of present day social conditions so that principles of social justice, equality of opportunities, genuine freedom, respect for religious and moral values enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail and the possibility of living a fully human existence may be open to all.

St. Xavier’s, Purnea is founded and run by “The Jesuits of Santal Society,” a minority Christian Society registered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860, having its headquarters at Dumka. St. Xavier’s was established in 2009 to offer education based on the principles of Excellence and Integrity. It is a private Christian minority School receiving no grant from the Government. It follows the pattern of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, ICSE New Delhi, a statutory body recognized by the Govt. of India for conducting Matric examinations
The medium of instruction is English which is the international language of today. Hindi and Sanskrit, however, occupy a vital place in the curriculum and are taught daily at a very high standard. The complete curriculum comprises English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Economics, Environmental Education, Social Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern Government, Computer Science and Commerce. The development of healthy
attitudes and spiritual values is given great importance and are regularly imparted to the students through the teaching of Moral

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ” rightly said Nelson Mandela , the great revolutionary.
School education is something that builds up the edifice of an individual’s life,defines one’s character, morality,ideology,principles, life skills and everything that is required to lead a life besides decoration of one’s career.
The motto of St.Xaviers School, Purnia is ” Excellence and integrity ” .One of the objective of the Jesuit schools is to motivate the students to strive after excellence in every field .


– By principal